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Zirconium Tooth

What is Zirconium Tooth?

Zirconium is actually a type of metal. In the past, metal-supported porcelains were used more, however with zirconium we got a more aesthetic appearance . Zirconium is in the natural color of the tooth, so when it comes to porcelain, it provides a more natural and more aesthetic appearance. Metal-supported porcelains cause an unnatural appearance due to the gray reflection of the structure. Therefore, the desired color is more difficult to achieve. But more aesthetic results can be obtained with zirconium. At the same time, it creates a much better and more beautiful image in harmony with the gums. For this reason, zirconium porcelains are more preferred.

Will There Be Color Loss with Zirconium treatment ?

There is no color loss in zirconium porcelains. Of course, dental care and regular check-ups also play an important role. There is no color change during regular brushing and regular physician control.

Is Zirconium Compatible With Gum ?

Metal-supported coatings, is an old method in tooth coatings, cancause bruising and gingival recession after a while.However, zirconium crowns are very compatible with gums. There will be a lot of harmony with white, natural teeth and gums.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Dental Coating?

It is healthier and more transparent due to its maximum light transmittance. It is the type of treatment that gives the closest appearance to the natural tooth. While zirconium coating captures the aesthetic smile, it also plays an extremely effective role in gum health. Zirconium crowns are very compatible with gums, which eliminates gum problems in the future.

Zirconium coatings are a very advantageous type of treatment for patients with allergic reactions to metal-supported porcelain coatings. It is a white colored material that is very resistant to heat. Since zirconium teeth have light transmittance compared to other materials, they do not cause a matte appearance like metal-supported porcelain coatings. As a result, a more natural and more aesthetic result is obtained.

It does not create tooth sensitivity (hot-cold) in zirconium supported porcelain coatings. Staining of the teeth is minimal as a result of smoking, tea and coffee consumption. There is no bad breath. There is no taste change in the mouth. There is no question of gum problems.

How Long Is The Life Of Zirconium Application?

The life of a zirconium tooth is directly proportional to the patient's health and regular care. The better the gum health, the higher the success and the time of use in zirconium coating increases.Teeth should be brushed every day and recommended special floss should be used.

There is a perception that zirconium porcelains will break. But on the contrary, as a result of the correct application of our physicians Zirconium porcelains are very durable.At the same time, zirconium porcelains are more preferred because they give better results in terms of aesthetics.

Is Zirconium Application Harmful?

It has no harm to mouth and dental health. It is completely compatible with the human mouth structure. It does not create any problem. For this reason, it is a material that has been used in dentistry for a long time. Happy results are obtained both aesthetically and functionally.

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