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Dental Restoration

What is Restorative Dentistry?

It is the name given to the treatment applied against dental diseases that repairs the missing and losses and at the same time, when an aesthetic smile is desired. In addition to repairing tooth decays, it also helps to correct mineral deficiencies.

What Are The Treatments Used In Restorative Tooth Treatment?

• Porcelain Dental Studies
• Aesthetic Smile Design
• Composite Filling Applications
• Teeth whitening
• Tooth Sensitivity Treatments
• Repair of Tooth Fractures
• Pre-Prosthetic Restorations
• Anti-Caries Treatments for Adults
• Treatments to Protect Living Teeth

Who Can Prefer Restorative Tooth Treatment?

Anyone who wants to meet their desires with aesthetic concerns can apply for Restorative dental treatment. It is a treatment method used to treat dental deformations that are congenital or as a result of an accident. These are the methods that treat the oral and dental problems of the stains on the teeth, the patients with the problems in the gums, the elderly and oncology patients. As a result of the examination, the treatment plan is started with a good planning from both a physician and an artistic perspective.

What Should Be Considered After Restorative Tooth Treatment?

Matters to be considered at the end of the treatment; As the physician stated at the end of the treatment, more care should be taken during the anesthesia process. The sensitivity of the tooth varies at the same rate according to the depth of the decay. This sensitivity passes by itself at the end of 2-3 days.

At the same time, dentists provide a short training in restorative dental treatment to provide patients with oral care and hygiene and to prevent dental plaques and tooth decay.

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