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Smile Design

What is Smile Design?

It is a concept that develops in the expertise of aesthetic dentistry. Smile design; The teeth or gums of the patient that have lost aesthetic appearance for one or more reasons,

It is the process of bringing the facial features and the needs in the mouth to a beautiful appearance that is closest to nature. Many processes in smile design work in harmony with each other.

How to Make a Smile Design?

In the first stage, the patient's aesthetic expectations are learned and the right ideas are exchanged at this stage. After intraoral planning, photographs of the patient's mouth and face are taken. Measurements are made in digital environment with special programs in accordance with the shape of the face. It provides us with the closest view to the result of the treatment.

After planning, if there are gums, level defects are eliminated. If there are tooth cavities, appropriate implant treatment and, if necessary, surgical procedures are applied. If required, teeth whitening process is performed. Composite (aesthetic) filling is made for small deformities. In areas where aesthetic filling is not sufficient, porcelain laminates and zirconium veneers are used. Throughout this process, the shape and contour of the lips are also ensured to be in harmony during the rehearsal of the gums and teeth.

What is Pink Aesthetics?

When it comes to pink aesthetics, it is not enough for the teeth to be like white pearls. At the same time, the health of the gums is also very important. If there is discoloration, recession, tissue disorder, and tooth not being in the gums, it is called pink aesthetics when the gums are treated and have a pink appearance. It is possible to do pink aesthetics in one session.

What is Gummy Smile?

It occurs when the gums appear more than accepted in aesthetic appearance during the smile. One of the Gummy smile treatment methods is the process of lowering the lip very slightly with botox treatment. Another is the operation to lift the gums. If there is too much gum appearance, it may be necessary to apply the procedure to lift the gum as much as possible. The procedure takes 30-40 minutes under local anesthesia. Laser devices are preferred in this operation. Since it is much more comfortable and has tissue regeneration feature, the patient can return to his daily life after leaving the clinic. There is little swelling and bruising with almost no pain.

What is an implant?

Implant is a type of treatment that is made to replace missing teeth, both in terms of dental use functions and to provide visual aesthetics. Since the implant material is made of Titanium alloy, it is very compatible with the gums and there is no risk of allergies. Implant treatment is the only treatment that can prevent bone resorption and even stop the resorption.Implant teeth that you can use like your real teeth are very difficult to distinguish from natural teeth.

The titanium prosthesis, which will serve in the root of the tooth, is placed in a short time of 15-20 minutes. The process is very fast and comfortable with developing technology.

Implant treatment can be applied to anyone from 18 to 80 years old. With the control of chronic diseases and if the jawbone is seen in 3 dimensions, the treatment is completed in line with the needs of the patient.

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