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Laminated Tooth Covering

What is Lamina Tooth Coating?

Laminated tooth is a technique in which only the front surface of the tooth is cut without cutting all the surfaces of the tooth and an average of 0.3-0.7 mm is eroded and the solid enamel surface of the tooth is damaged with minimum damage. It is a method of adhering porcelain leaf veneers to the tooth whose surface is thinned.

When is Lamina Tooth Applied?

• In cases where the coloration of the teeth is at the maximum level.
• In the restoration of teeth that are broken and worn in tooth form.
• In the form of a split tooth called diestema closure.
• Teeth with deformities in the structure and shape of the general form.
• In the elimination of fractures and discolorations occurring in old fillings.
• In teeth that do not have pink aesthetics due to the position of the tooth.
• As an alternative to orthodontic treatment, laminated teeth are used cosmetically to correct the shape of slightly or moderately crooked and curved teeth.

In which situations is Lamina Tooth applied?

Must be over 18 years of age for laminated teeth treatment. However, some patients cannot be treated with laminated teeth. Laminated dental treatment is not applied to people who have a nail-biting habit, have problems clenching teeth in their sleep, have a jaw disorder, and who bite a pencil.

At the same time, advanced gingival recession is an obstacle to laminated tooth treatment. When these obstacles are removed, laminated dental treatment can be started.

What are the Advantages of Lamina Teeth?

You can have a maximum aesthetic smile with small touches. It is possible to see the next state of the teeth before starting the procedure. Factors such as smoking, coffee and tea do not change the color of the coating. Due to the smoothness of the leaf porcelains attached to the surface of the teeth, it minimizes the formation of tartar. It is very strong and resistant. Aesthetic teeth are created without losing the natural appearance of existing teeth. Although porcelain laminate has a very sensitive structure, it provides resistance to tensile and tensile force when it is fully adhered to the tooth surface. It is resistant to abrasion. Since it has a very thin structure, the closest appearance to the natural tooth is obtained.

How Many Sessions Does Lamina Coating Take?

Laminated tooth treatment takes 3-4 sessions on average. First of all, a preliminary examination is carried out, planning is made and intraoral measurements are taken. Afterwards, the color tones desired by the patient are determined. With the removed plan model, a study called mock-up is performed to see the final shape of the teeth beforehand upon the request of the patient. The harmony of the teeth with temporary coatings is checked and if there is any incompatibility, it is determined here. The last necessary arrangements are made. Our porcelain starts to be prepared by the best technician in the best laboratories. After our laminates are completed, the bonding process is started with a special technique. After the bonding process is completed, the patient can start using their teeth on the same day. You can have an aesthetic smile with an extremely fast and easy treatment.

How Long Is The Life Of Laminated Teeth?

The life of laminated tooth coating is quite long. It can be used for a lifetime with the advantage of not staining. It is possible to use laminated teeth for up to 15-20 years if you pay attention to oral health and follow the recommendations of our physician.

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