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Aesthetic Filling

What is Aesthetic Filling?

Aesthetic fillings, that is, composite fillings, are obtained from compressed ceramics. It is very suitable for use in posterior molars. Here, chewing and biting is strengthened. It offers a satisfying solution to patients both functionally and visually. Aesthetic fillings are similar enough to be indistinguishable from natural teeth. It cannot be distinguished from natural teeth both in terms of color and structure. Because it is adhered very well, it is very resistant and is closest to the hardness of the existing teeth. Aesthetic filling is very durable against falling and breaking.

How to Make Aesthetic Filling?

Composite filling can be done in one session; It is a type of filling that gives a solid, practical and natural appearance. When it is done by our specialist physicians, it gives a very robust and extremely aesthetic appearance.

First of all, the area to be treated is numbed with local anesthesia. Afterwards, the decay in the tooth is cleaned or the surface of the split or broken tooth is smoothed. The filling material is bonded to the enamel by bonding application. The consistency and color of the composite material is prepared and placed in the tooth cavity. After this stage, the filling is provided with the ideal hardness by irradiating each time. In the last stage, the teeth are smoothed and polished. This treatment takes place in a single session and a comfortable process is completed.

In Which Cases Is Aesthetic Filling Preferred?

• Restoring existing fractures or cracks in teeth
• In order to change the color of teeth whose colors are not bleached after the bleaching process
• To change the size of the teeth or to extend the existing size
• To change the shape of the teeth
• To avoid the appearance of amalgam fillings
• To correct the gaps between teeth
• To repair decayed teeth
• Making a personalized design by changing the tooth shape
• Aesthetic filling is used to protect some of the roots of the teeth as a result of the recession of the gums.

How Long Is The Life Of Aesthetic Fillers?

If the patient does good oral care after the procedure, it is not possible for any complication to occur in the fillings. As a result of good oral care as well as dental cleaning, it is not possible to leak or split the filling made on the teeth. After aesthetic filling, a dental check is required every 6 months.

Continuous examinations are very important. During these examinations, the condition of the fillings is reviewed. Polishing can be applied to composite fillings, if needed. In this way, the life of the filler and the healthier progress of the process are provided.

In short, we can say that the useful life of the composite filling is related to the patient. Aesthetic fillings will be long-lasting if their routine controls are not missed without ignoring the dentist's suggestions and warnings. Regardless, aesthetic fillings are also renewed in case of any complications.

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